About Us

Competitive Exam Trainer Practice or CETPractice aspires to be a personal subject, preparation and answering technique trainer for students appearing for competitive examinations. We are an effort to combine the best in subject knowledge, learning methodologies and technological possibilities to live up to the promise of our brand - practice with us makes you perfect. Our initial offering is to students preparing for Engineering and Medicine entrance examinations.

Given the intense competition and the massive syllabus that needs to be covered for these examinations, a systematic and smart preparation is essential. CETPractice is built to work as an effective compliment to the learning a student acquires from his teachers in college and tuitions as well as his self study. We use the power of technology to help students plan better, learn faster, retain longer and score higher. The team behind CETPractice comprises of academics with years of experience in preparing students for competitive examinations.

They are ably complemented by IT professionals, Engineers and Doctors. The team is united by the passion of helping students perform to their peak potential. To achieve this objective we study and analyse global best practices in exam preparation and answering and incorporate our findings in to learning, planning and diagnostic tools that we offer.