All India Engineering Entrance Exam-AIEEE

All India Engineering Entrance Examination 2015 (AIEEE 2015) is one of the most prestigious engineering Entrance Examination of India. It is the gateway to many of the prestigious central government funded Institutes like National Institute of Technology (NITs ) , IIITs , Deemed Universities etc

The exam date of AIEEE is-Paper-I(Offline) : 04-04-2015 10:00 am (IST).

The exam date of AIEEE is-Paper-I(Online) : 10,11 April,2015 10:00 am (IST).

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  • Every mark matters to get in to a college or a career stream of your choice. So how do you beat competition if everyone has studied the same books and had almost the same kind of training and worked equally hard?

  • The fact is many hopeful students sit for an exam without preparing themselves fully, and lose significant marks because of simple mistakes. It doesn’t matter that you know all the right answers if you misread questions, become emotionally weak or don’t have time to finish. In short they don’t have a proper test taking plan.

  • Through several years of research on students taking medical and engineering entrance examinations, we have identified the top factors that influence your score and ultimately a better rank. Many of these factors are not related to your subject knowledge, for example have you thought of things like mental stamina, time- accuracy ratio.



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